For M.M.K

There will be


When God’s Kingdom is finally come:
In fulness and in Victory:
The blooming of Creator’s
never-ending story:

Earth and Heaven will be reconciled:
Our Creator’s Life and His Time
No more defiled.

The devil and his minions will be fully banished,
Death and pain completely vanished;
Wickedness and stink eternally doomed:
God’s final Victory, will have fully bloomed.

God will be


With us, His servants in Glory:
Co-laboring in fellowship, Peace and Joy:
God and Man — now vibrant, content,
In the New Jerusalem:
the glorious, never-ending story.

There will be


Service, Light, worship and Beauty.
Above all, and in all, there will be Love;
(But never: jangling, and sin and blare:)
God and His host and His Angels, will be there;
Heavenly Music and Song to share;
Other things, yet unknown, everywhere.

          Sing Eternity —
          Sing it Now:
          Bearing your daily cross:
          Hands steadfast on the plough.

          Hal-le-lu-jah! Amen!


“And his servants shall serve him. They shall see him face to face.”(Revelation 22:3, William Tyndale’s translation, 1534)

Copyright 2012 by Frances F. Morrisson
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