(Title of a novel by Anton Chekov)

The prince, as ward
growing up
in peasant country,
later, spoke Truth
in the face of Image;

Spoke Life
in the face of masked Death;
calm in the face of harassment;
and Trust in the face of Treachery.

his aristocratic circle named him The Idiot

“A young man sensitive, eager and godly?
Our halls will not be invaded by such as he.
We demand his example be bound, not free.”

Then, being quickly escorted to his dungeon home,
The Idiot thanked the Lord: for Treasure, Love and Grace;
he thanked for Strength, as Creator’s Family runs its race
mindful of our prize: the greeting of Him, Face to face.


The LORD looseth the prisoners. (Psalm 146:7)

Copyright 2012 by Frances F. Morrisson
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