When we were brand new Christians, an interesting thing came about which increased our awareness that the Lord and His Holy Spirit, whom the Bible reveals, are indeed real and active today. It also gave us a warning about how good things can change directions and wind up being destructive.

          My husband and I (as brand new Christians) were at a conference in Texas when the preacher, an evangelist, stated that he felt the Lord wanted him to pray for healing. Many went forward. Because I had been experiencing pain and limitations in walking for many months (diagnosed as spondylolisthesis) I finally decided to go up too, the last person to do so. “What do you need?” he demanded strongly. “It’s my spine.” He was a big man and put a heavy hand on the top of my head and shouted, “LORD, please heal this woman’s spine!” Immediately it seemed as though I was swimming under water; which lasted a short while. Then it was time to step down and catch the plane to Virginia Beach. Once there I realized there was a difference. No pain. Walk anywhere. So we walked two miles on the sandy beach and knew the change was clearly true and permanent. And so it proved in time to come.

          Many years later, an X-ray was taken of my back and the doctor told me he had pain medicine for me. “And why is that?” “Why you have a spondylolisthesis.” So now we understood. The function had been completely restored, but the structure had remained as it was.

          Years after that we were introduced to that same evangelist. (He looked not only older but different.) “Oh, I’m so glad to see you again. Years ago in Austin you prayed for my spine and I want you to know it was healed!” At once he turned to a nearby friend,”Did you hear this lady? At one of our conferences in Austin, I healed her spine!” (The Lord’s name was not mentioned.) I have since learned that his theology has become quite strange.

          I am grateful for my healing, but above all, I am grateful for God’s Truth. Physical healing is only temporary, for this life only. But God’s Truth endures forever.

          There is temptation to adulate the one through whom healing comes, instead of the Source: Our Creater, through Christ. And there is temptation for the one through whom the healing comes, to slide into thinking that he, himself, was the source: although he was the faucet and not the well.

          Lord, please help that evangelist to find Your Truth once again.

Copyright 2012 by Frances F. Morrisson
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