O be blessed, by our Creator:
The One who stretched out the heavens
by the breath of His mouth;
and declared out of nothingness LIGHT! And all forms of LIFE!
the One who woos us beyond the Curse and our resistance;
the One who gives each life a glorious purpose.

O Lord:
You gave us hearts, and breath, minds and limbs
to welcome, and be nourished, by Your Love and Word;
to seek Your Wisdom, strength and Ways;
to carry Faith in Hope, to Your gates of Justice:
washed in Your Love, strengthened by Your Mercy.

O Lord:
How can we utter our praise high enough,
deep enough, with fullest joy in harmony?
How can we murmur our love beautifully enough?
How can we bask peacefully enough in Your Presence?
How can we spread Your message clearly enough?

But these we try, blessed in the crucible of living Life.

Copyright 2012 by Frances F. Morrisson
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