Look! I saw a sparrow there!
Where does he find his food in such a city place?
And how to carry on with nesting and the small ones?
How to find a place to bathe among so many people?
Now he’s hiding in a bush.

In some countries sparrows bear the name of
“church birds.” It is said that flocks of them
have taken up in high stone cathedrals
in such numbers that they challenge
choir and preacher.

They’ve springs in little feet for hopping —
Close or far. Hop and nip. Stop and sit.
Spring and fly away. (They’re shy.)
Offer tid bits to the ground. Nothing.
Offer more. Suddenly they come from unexpected places;

Then are gone.

Inside and outside grocery stores they hide
and nest in ceilings that you’ve never noticed.
But wait. I hear their voices. Saw a tail;
Spied motion up there that might be from a nest.

In the cold of winter, their tiny pink feet endure.
In the heat of summer, they find shade.
Somehow they carry on.

In bird books, sparrows take up many pages.
Studied, they show much difference in color, even shape.
Their habitats are varied on the map.

And do we notice?
It’s only another sparrow,
out from somewhere.

Hop and nip.

Stop and sit.

Spring and fly away!

Copyright 2012 by Frances F. Morrisson
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