O Lord!
My ship rides on perilous seas.
Please show me the cargo
to throw in the waves;
please show me the sails to pull down
on the mast.

O lead me to know
that Your masterful hand
is never commanded
by fear that I feel,
is never impacted
by things of the past.

stalwart on the bridge:
You command from perspective
denied to Your children
shared only in part,
only in season
with those who are seeking
those who are teachable
when taught what will last.

You alone know
the direction;
the seas and the winds;
the timing; the darkness and day
that are right;
the tightness of ship,
for all sails to be flown
on high,
blown to full roundness —
     bows to be cutting the waters:
          cleanly; steadily; fast.

Copyright 2012 by Frances F. Morrisson
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