We see the world through the small eye
of a Kaleidoscope:
     Dazzling shapes
     sparkling color
     moving and mingling

“O stop! This place is so spectacular!
These shapes and sizes, these brilliant colors so beautiful!”
But, just a little jerk of the elbow,
and it is gone. Gone.

O Creator of all shapes, colors, and Life;
whose Providence touches all struggle, joy and sorrow:
we pray:

Take our eye from the jeweled Kaleidoscope’s eye
that we may see clearly through our very own eye:
unencumbered, un-mesmerized,
Seeking You in all colors and shapes

finding You and Your Love everywhere;
in its tenderness and severity
portending grace, face-to-face in Glory:
the consummation of our mortal story.


Open thou mine eyes (Psalm 119:18)

Copyright 2012 by Frances F. Morrisson
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