Hansel and Gretel were no more lost than we
Picking our way through the 21st century.
It was said, “Only God can make a tree.”
Yes, and He makes its wind-blown leaves so free!

“More life, more life” young children shout!
“Life! Life!” the lungs cry out.
“Lord, bring me strength when I’m up and about!”
“Lord, let me serve You when my body’s snuffed out!”

Only God, lights an infant’s smile with joy
(so fresh from Creation, not a toy).
Only God creates all Life
Or hones the needed skill of the surgeon’s knife.

Lord, Lord, You make things new;
You bring us sunshine and the dew;
You care for the many and the few.
Lord, You’re our Life, and we love You!

Copyright 2012 by Frances F. Morrisson
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