We chalked the marks for hopscotch, and we hopped.
We hid and sought, behind the bushes and trees;
We rode the swings with flying legs to sky
And ran in circles, dizzying trees: breathless
And O, the sun and wind on bounces of hair.
We fought the coming dusk on splinterless slide
And brought our bumps, and bug bites for comfort inside.
And in those fast-vanishing days you were there.
Sharing His Light; and now you are where?

Behind steep walls, among real and imagined horrors:
Your spirit in darkness, clinging to His Light.

Cling. Receive. Breathe.

This world’s caustic Citizenship
Is a temporary one for you
Waiting to claim the Godly, and the True.


We are separate now, but surprisingly close:
Sharing a Fatherhood made more real
moment by moment in the Now.

Copyright 2012 by Frances F. Morrisson
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