Wandering in the Wilderness in 1950

Where, O where shall I ever be able to find you
though I search your beloved image…
the life, the meaning, the belovedness in it…
until my eyes fail me?

Each moment that comes contains
the nostalgic reminder of your eternal elusiveness;
and neutral everydayness proclaims
great ignorance of you though containing
somewhere the quality of your presence.

Must it be that all through my one life
I must make a search for you… fruitless
save revealing parts of you in all things
but never you your self?



Many decades later the identity of Will-O-the-Whisp became clear!

My husband and I became Christians in our late sixties. This is my ninth decade. I recommend old age heartily. Each season has its particular beauty as well as challenges.

Copyright 2012 by Frances F. Morrisson
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