For P.B.

What was the very first thing that the virgin eye of Adam saw? The Ancient Book of our Creator never tells.

The day that the eye of Adam first saw sky and land, in wonder, did he know that You had made him? Did he know that You had declared all Your Creation “very Good”? And did there spring in his heart a rising tide of gratitude, captured by such beauty? The Ancient Book of our Creator never tells.

As Adam beheld the offerings of the world in hues of dusk and brightness of dawn, did there rise a growing swell of thanksgiving, a song in his bosom waiting to bloom into love: a bulwark building against the coming snake’s warlike intrusion? The Ancient Book of our Creator never tells.

And did our ancestor, the very first human being in the world, when walking in the garden with his Creator naming all the animals, did he know that God had created them? He probably did.

But Adam fell; party to deception. He was felled through the clever devices of the Destroyer: failing to turn to his Creator for Wisdom and Love. Yes, he fell, as the Ancient Book clearly recounts.

But today, centuries later, where is our bulwark of defense against the now very experienced devices of the Destroyer who now comes to our garden and is in our midst? Are we still playing a game of “Truth and consequences” or have our games become sinister, withering us.

We have available to us all human history now, in our clever century; to learn from. We have the willingly available Eye and Ear, the Wisdom and understanding; we have the Love, Justice and Mercy of our Maker, of His Son, and His Holy Spirit to revere and to call upon! We have our Creator’s love letter, His owner’s manual, His traveler’s guide: The Ancient Book! We have His Son’s final Testament.

These are His gifts to us, if we seek them and receive them at any stage of life! These are our guides through the storm and chaos of the fallen world. These bring hope leading us to eternal life in our Creator’s presence.

O bring and keep these wonders alive in our hearts as we pass through this world, this fallen world, we pray. Amen.

Copyright 2012 by Frances F. Morrisson
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