Do you imagine with me that there is probably
no mystery in the cosmos for God,
except perhaps, the wickedness in Mankind
and wickedness even in heavenly beings
who fell before Adam had fallen?

But for us there is mystery that abounds,
surrounding the circle of our lives
whose circumference touches Your vast unknown
at every point.

We struggle, under God’s Word, to know
what we cannot know; but respect.
Yet, through years, the circumference of our lives
will enlarge and expand.
We become more able to truly know,
in gratitude, that God is in Command.

But some are different: trying to force the unknown:
by command of mistaken desires;
supposing machines, and vain imaginations
are able to build and sustain Mankind:
supposing that some men can be gods!


Please help us to live in the face of worldly ways:
to be sturdy, in knowledge and gratitude:
knowing that You are in Command;

that Your Lovingkindnesses are practical
when we seek Your wisdom in guiding our lives.
And You are in complete Command!

Praise to Your Glory and Love forever.

Copyright 2012 by Frances F. Morrisson
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