Knowing more of mystery than of fact
we seek You
only then to find that You were seeking us.

LORD, You gave us Wisdom, Love, Commandments
in Your ageless Book of books;
help us, when we ask, to grasp them:
living day by day
with the bloodlife coursing through our veins
like the Blood that You poured out for us.

We would worship You
by living the Life You gave us
in the Time and Space that You Created;

living in the fullness that You hope for;
worshiping by Obedience;
Pleasing You:
In Your strength,
which You graciously give us;
Later, (differently)
in Your Heaven.

Praise to our Creator.


The LORD takes delight in his people
(Psalm 149:4, NIV)

Copyright 2012 by Frances F. Morrisson
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