Comatose Sinner:

          Squint! Catch a glimpse of His beckoning Light
          with its welcoming fire: your opened eye a treasure.

Sickened Sinner:

          Mired in regrets: may you tune your heart:
          Feel the aching sorrow of the ones who love you.
          Know He loves you more than they.
          None of them are absent from your bed.

Deformed One:

          Strange in body, but endowed by Providence:
          the World is confronted by your specialness.
          May it learn from you, its own limitations,
          and be released.

Prodigal One:

          Caught in a puzzling junction of pathways:
          may you answer the Compass’ pull toward Home
          and find new wisdom, forsaking other paths.
          Learn the joy of your welcoming loved ones
          sighting you from the narrowing distance.

Violent One:

          Blood lust and destruction are your gods:
          obliterating Truth, building an armored wall
          walling you into narrow cell of Self;
          separating you from LIFE.
          Death, and Second Death, shall answer your roaring.

Careless One:

          Careless of Creation; careless of language;
          disdainful of others, who are not you;
          stepping on other people’s toes and feelings:
          May you come to recognize God’s touch;
          And the beam of His Light, when it shines on you.

And who are We?

          Praying for the various ones;
          Swimming in His ocean of LOVE;
          Or on our land, juggling perplexities:
          We are our Creator’s Family:

          often unsure in the fog;
          looking, but not always seeing;
          listening, but not always hearing;
          thinking, but not always speaking:
          soaring and falling unevenly.

          He, alone, knows all hearts this day.
          He alone, is Judge of all His Creation.
          He, alone, is perfect goodness.
          Help us to learn, O Lord, we pray.


There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.
(Proverbs 14:12)

Copyright 2012 by Frances F. Morrisson
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