O dear Lord:

          The surges and stages of life can appear, dwindle and die so abruptly sometimes as life goes on its way; or the way can burst into glory and sink into mist: safely because of Your sure Hand.

          Your presence in the midst of mortality is our treasure, our intimation of Heaven, our assurance that the summing up of Life amidst our struggles is precious to Your hands at the potter’s wheel as we yield our joys and sorrows, our knowns and unknowns to You. The future is Your gift to us.

          Vision and burst, pleasure and sorrow, pain and glory simmer — sometimes hidden, sometimes distinct; but Your Hand, Your Heart, Your Wisdom are steady.

          Please give us eyes to find You and praise You in all the days of this mortality that You have granted us: shadows and glories surging through our journey to Your prepared Heaven.

          Please know we love You. Praise to Your Holy Name.



From an old hymn:*

          Out of my bondage sorrow and night
                     Jesus I come, Jesus I come
          Into Thy freedom gladness and light
                     Jesus I come to Thee.

          Out of the depths of ruin untold
          Into the peace of Thy sheltering fold
          Ever Thy glorious face to behold
                     Jesus I come to Thee.


* From Jesus I Come by William Sleeper (1887.)

Copyright 2012 by Frances F. Morrisson
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