Never before has this day come,
          never to come again.
Here — an unspotted canvas:
awaiting the blessing native only to its time,
its gatherings of love and wisdom.

                Here —
                this time,
                this moment followed by moment
                blessed by the light of now,
                the only stream of light to touch me,

                generated by all my pasts —
                portending all my future —
                bathed in the blessing of Now:
                a link to all that is to come.


Like the majestic steam locomotives
fronted by “cowpushers,” hissing steam
as they overwhelmed train stations of yesteryear,

          I give Your Spirit permission to clear the tracks
          of all invaders to Your Purpose;

          all intruders from the past
          all spectres from the future

                     that this day, this never-lived-before-Wednesday
                     may be ours — to labour in together:

                                bathed in the Light of now,
                                pure to Your purposes
                                native only to this very Time;

                                fragile to all other time.


My times are in thy hand (Psalm 31:15)

Copyright 2012 by Frances F. Morrisson
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