The Rococo Concert Hall is full and buzzing.
Lights go down… Silent anticipation.
A stir in the back of the stage
and Conductor emerges, walking towards the Podium:
Audience is politely applauding.
He steps onto the Podium facing the orchestra
baton in hand, then is waiting. We wait.

Suddenly baton goes up, then strongly down!
Brass instruments respond at once
followed by singing strings:
The first episode has begun.
Each score is executed perfectly, in style.
Audience and musicians, in tune with the Composer.
Tilted harp strings being plucked, now and then.
Breath being blown through metal tubes;
Animal skins vibrating from wooden sticks;
Thirty men and women, bowing vibrant strings.

            God is surely Pleased.

The audience is alert,
some a little drowsy,
a cough in quiet places now and then.

Episode after beautiful episode,
changes in texture and in moods.
Unexpected beauty flowing.
Constant expectation wanting more.

At last: finality is approaching
pulling everything together.

          Every single instrument outpouring.
          Faster, more intense, the decibels swell.
          Great rich sound penetrates the hall:
          Thumping! Clashing cymbals; air reverberating
          Coming to a HALT!

          This is clearly The END!


Stunned silence:
          Broken by thunderous applause.
          “Bravo!” Shouted somewhere.
          More “Bravos”!
          Performers bow in groups.

Surely God is greatly pleased:
So many souls in harmony this hour.

Time for intermission:


          Men and women —small aspiring musicians —
          flowing gowns and levis stroll the aisles
          making their way to food and drink, chatting.
          And all have just partaken this night
          in one of God’s wonderful non-verbal languages.
          He is the One present in every step
          of preparation:

          In the history of instrument-making through the ages;
          in the lengthy learning of musician’s skills for performing;
          in the inspiration for the composer’s complex score:

                     All these have engaged us tonight.
                     Yet how many notice this right now
                     as they sip a drink and choose a cake?

Copyright 2012 by Frances F. Morrisson
Glimpses of Life and Eternity is available from Amazon.Com.