(Bears in the Boxwood)
for K.J.F.

Come, everyone. Look out our big bay window! Since it has been snowing all night, the large Boxwoods, right outside our large bay window, are bowed down with big bunches of snow in animal-like shapes: A grand and interesting Rorschach Test!

Look Momma; there are polar bears in our great big Boxwood! Those are huddled together; but over there they are climbing up. Some are turning heads as they climb and two are nose to nose! And look at the sheep and all their lambs down there. Lambs Momma! Don’t you love snow?


“Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind and said, “Hast thou entered the treasury of snow?” (Job 38:1, 22, NIV)

Oops! Too late now. Strong wind is stirring our large Boxwoods, and big clumps of snow are cascading downward. Where are the sheep and polar bears now? Only a few small lambs are left.

So, it’s time to look well beyond our bay window: out to that glorious Willow Oak with its many trunks and its colony of sky-reaching branches and sun-catching twigs which, etched in black, are silhouetted against the snowy haze. Two large Pine Trees, flanking the Willow Oak, offer their contrasting greens in the moving gray haze.

That window! In yielding its beautiful framed winter composition it gives us only a fleeting composition for it is incapable of an artist’s interpretation by watercolors, oil painting or camera, since there is no human presence here with the desire, the training or the equipment to capture it and hang it in an art gallery!

So the window offers it to your “gallery”: to your mind and senses (and mine as well). We are all painting it in words as best we can.

But then, in our lifetimes, are not we witnesses to countless landscapes, countless skyscapes, water scenes, mountain and cityscapes with their constantly changing visual compositions? Is not our Creator, The Almighty, the Lord of lords, also the Authentically Unique Artist?

Copyright 2012 by Frances F. Morrisson
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