Our Creator’s Light is there:
to be found; taken in, then given out
after our Salvation.

This Diamond, Meggie,
foreign to our country,
came fleeing here for shelter
(nest egg stolen at once)
           is thirsty for Your Light
           taking it in
           and sending it out, to others:
           faithful to Your Word.

This alien Diamond shone awhile, briefly,
unnoticed; then was hunted, now is hidden:
riding busses from state to state
looking for jobs in waitressing:
In a subculture, unknown to most of us,
never sure where to rest her head.

Our only contact is the cell phone.

She is not so young any more:
shining in her obscurity
to anyone caring to see.


never bitter.

A memorable example
until we meet again in Heaven.

High praise to our Father in Heaven;
High praise to His Only-Begotten Son.

O Lord, please continue to strengthen Meggie.


The LORD preserveth all them that love him (Psalm 145:20)

Copyright 2012 by Frances F. Morrisson
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