We prepare, in joy, a nursery and bassinet for our precious first born child.

Almighty God, by His Word, prepared the Heavens and the Earth with His Spirit and His Christ, in joy. For us.

He created stars and planets; space, light, air; waters; living trees and living animals: every needful thing for life on Earth while all his host of Angels sang and sang and sang.…And sang.

Then God Almighty came down to Earth and with His very own Hands formed Adam from His Dust and breathed His very own Breath into Adam.

Behold! Man! Man made in God’s image (although in reduced capacity): Man to subdue the Earth, and people it with Mankind!

But little by little, one of the host of Almighty God’s Angels grew Envy. “Was not he greater than Man? Could not he have God’s power even over Man?” So, taking the form of an animal, he came down to Earth to find out, by speaking to Adam in the Garden of Eden.

And we are Adam’s great…great…more-numbers-than-the-sands-of-the-seas…great grandchildren!

And the serpent of the Garden of Eden is in our garden now, encouraging us, as he encouraged Adam, to doubt the Goodness of the LORD our GOD. For Adam doubted. And Adam fell.

And now the serpent is called “Prince of this World.”

But Almighty God is King: King of kings; and His Goodness is the same yesterday, today and forever.

And He Loves us.

And He sent to us His Christ. His only begotten Son.

In flesh:

Just like ours.



And we say, with Francis Thompson:*

            Little Jesus, wast Thou shy
            Once, and just as small as I?
            And what did it feel like to be
            Out of heaven, and just like me?

* Francis Thompson (1859-1907), “Little Jesus.”

Copyright 2012 by Frances F. Morrisson
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